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About that Steelers game last Sunday...

January 15, 2012
By ESTHER MCCOY - Staff writer ( , The Herald-Star

I changed my mind about what I was going to be wearing to work this past Monday.

I wore Steelers black and gold to church on Sunday and discovered that Beverly Kaufman, seated behind me in Sunday School, was wearing the same shade of clothing.

"I thought I'd better wear this today because I might not be able to wear it next Sunday," she said. Then we both chuckled. We were the mighty Steelers. We could take on the Bronco team in a heartbeat. So we thought! The Steelers were even chosen to be the victors. That gave us encouragement.

Well, we saw what happened to that.

I have great admiration for Tim Tebow and even wanted his Bronco jersey for Christmas. I wanted him to look good on the field, but I also wanted the Steelers to come out with the highest score when the final whistle blew. That didn't happen either.

Tim looked very good and threw a pass at the end of the game that will go into the record books. Overtime was over in a flash. I didn't even have time to get a glass of water.

Our son, Jay, said the same thing. He went to the kitchen just before overtime started and came back to see the blue and orange uniforms all in a bunch, jumping up and down and hugging everyone in sight.

Eleven seconds is all it took to score from an 80-yard pass made by Tebow.

I haven't been a fan of Big Ben for some time now. He is a wonderful quarterback, but that is as far as it goes. I did have to admire his determination in playing with the injured ankle. At times, you could even see him wincing. He did the best he could, and it was almost good enough.

It is said that Tim passed for 316 yards - ironic as these are the numbers he scratches on the black grease marks under his eyes for John 3:16 - a Bible verse.

I admire Tebow for the encouragement that he gives the youth to not be ashamed of their beliefs. When my grandson, Matthew, wrote to say Tebow was his idol, he received a letter back from Tebow saying that while he was happy to be the subject of admiration, Matthew's real idol should be Jesus Christ.

I know another Steelers fan who didn't sleep after the game, Carol Deatrick, who lives across the lane from my friend, Florence, in Lakeland, Fla.

Carol is a native of Pittsburgh and still flies the "terrible towel" and puts out all sorts of Steelers lawn decorations for each game.

We commiserated all week on what would come down with the game. It wasn't pretty for the many Pittsburgh fans, but we will survive.

It was said that the Steeler-Bronco game had more viewers than any American Idol show. They are crediting it to Tebow. I say it was also because of the many Steeler fans who were watching with their hearts in their mouths throughout all four quarters, especially the last 50 seconds.

Like my son, Larry, says, "It's over now. Get over it." So now on to other thoughts.


I really enjoyed being at the Steubenville Woman's Club luncheon meeting at the Steubenville Country Club last Monday and being seated at a table with Joan Powell, Carole Gaston, Jane Agresta, Ann Wright and Ruth Sperry.

Joan, Carole and I talked about the great cooking classes we had attended at the Schiappa Branch of the Public Library of Steubenville and Jefferson County with Dragana Lazic as the instructor. That lady can really cook and bake. And she makes such interesting conversation.

I received a wonderful tray of Christmas cookies from Dragana, and it made my family happy. There were some left after Christmas so when my brother Dale and sister-in-law Norma came up to play cards for New Year's Eve, they enjoyed them, too.

There is another cooking session on Monday. I don't want to miss another one, as I have not made it to any yet this season.

Cathy Davison, Steubenville's city manager, was the guest speaker at the woman's club meeting, and I liked it when she said that we all need to find happiness out of the small stuff each day - not exactly her words but that is what I got out of it.

I did that the other night when taking Ozzie for our daily walk.

He gets such excitement from being outdoors, sniffing deer tracks and poking his little black nose into the bushes and weeds along the forest line. He will push at a dried weed, and if it moves back quickly, he gets startled and jumps away in a hurry. He is so funny to watch.

I thought if he could get such happiness from my taking him for a walk that I was going to enjoy watching him.


I did have a sad incident happen just after the new year.

A friend I made in Lakeland, Fla., Margaret "Penny" Mosser, passed away on Jan. 1.

I was introduced to her by my BFF friend, Florence Turnbull. She would mail me packages from a small drug store-post office in Lakeland, and Penny worked there. She saw my address and asked if it was in Jefferson County, saying she once lived in Steubenville and would visit a relative in Dillonvale in her youth.

When I visited Florence, we went to the post office, and I met Penny. We wrote and sent cards for about 10 years. I knew of her failing health and prayed for it to improve. That didn't happen and now she is gone. And will be missed.


That's about it in my life this past week.

I'm looking forward to Jan. 27, when "One for the Money," from a book by Janet Evanovich comes out. I have read all 18 of her Stephanie Plum adventure books and have been known to burst into laughter over some of the escapades that Stephanie and Lula get into.

Lamont just looks at me and shakes his head. He was a little embarrassed when I was reading and laughing aloud in the doctor's waiting room though.

Janine Yeske, another Stephanie Plum fan, and I are really getting excited about the movie coming out soon.

(McCoy, a resident of Smithfield, is food editor and a staff columnist for the Herald-Star and Weirton Daily Times. She can be contacted at

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