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Columnist way off base

February 26, 2012
The Herald-Star

To the editor:

In the Feb. 17 edition, Thomas Sowell penned a column entitled "The progressive legacy."

Sowell is stuck in the 1930s and, for some reason, won't let go.

According to Sowell and other conservative pundits, Obama blames Bush, a no-no to them, but Sowell blames Woodrow Wilson and FDR.

Sowell continues to try and rewrite history as to what would have happened if what happened didn't take place, which results in fiction writing. Sowell states that Teddy Roosevelt called the likes of J.D. Rockefeller robber barons, but failed to identify who they robbed. That's easy to identify, and Sowell should be ashamed for not identifying the robber barons of the early 20th century who paid the help pittance in wages and amassed fortunes that still reverberate throughout the economy, controlling banks, oil, coal, chemicals, etc.

Sowell fails to report that things haven't changed. Google has more cash on hand - $96 billion - than the U.S. Treasury. How is this possible? Sweat shops in China. Google is being investigated by a communist country - wow.

Sowell and the staunch conservative intelligentsia in America must stop the bull and attacks and come up with solutions that might cause the demise of America as a super power.

The biggest negative in the economy is gambling, an industry without a product that was illegal before it was legalized throughout the United States, creating a regressive tax revenue by an industry that is still illegal unless one has a license to buy what's by definition a legal game.

As far as illegal drugs, there is very little chance to return to normalcy once a person is addicted. Gangs are throughout America, forecasts call for a population of 500 million by 2025, and people scoff at climate change, poverty and disease.

Trust yourself, folks. Entitlements aren't going to break America, but it's questionable why Sowell and company continue to evade the above and blame everything on entitlements.

Steve Kopa


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