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Real estate transfers

March 11, 2012
The Herald-Star

The following real estate transactions were filed in Jefferson County:

Charles Stewart (deceased) to State of Ohio, 0.47 acre, Island Creek Township.

David Swartz (deceased) to Dan and Donna Swartz, 46.0582 acres, Knox Township (survivorship).

Joseph Parise (deceased) to Mary Parise, lot 38, Robert S. Hill Subdivision.

Louise Stock (deceased) to David Growden and Donald Growden, part lot 50, Parkdale.

Pauline Hutchison (deceased) to James Hutchison and others, 0.76 acre, Springfield Township.

Thomas Davia (deceased) to Cindy Schrader and Windy Davia, lots 8-9, John Ickis Addition.

Cindy Schrader to Windy Davia, lots 8-9, John Ickis Addition.

Carol Morgan to Joshua Beebe and Miracle Beebe, lot 15, Alex Long Second Addition (survivorship).

Robert Turrentine Irrevocable Real Estate Trust to J&S Rental Properties Inc., lot 15, McCauslen Plan.

William and Beverly Kaufmann to Jefferson County Commissioners, part lot 23, Valley View Subdivision.

EH Pooled 1011 LP to Travis Hunt and Bonnie Hunt, 0.45 acre, Salem Township.

James and Barbara Nelson to Alissa Cummings, lots 17-18, Highland Acres; and 0.032 acre, Wayne Township.

Bernadine Kuhn and others to Michael Pittman, 1.0838 acres, Island Creek Township.

Thomas and Valerie Maloney to Clinton Brown, lot 27, Pleasant Heights.

Ryan and Sara Vitek to Richard and Margaret Baker, metes, Knox Township (survivorship).

Fannie Mae to Robert Morrow Jr., lot 110, Beverly Hills.

Ella Safford to Herbert Safford and others, 3 acres, Cross Creek Township.

Woodrow Davis and Wendy Davis to Vemuri Home & Garden LLC, metes, Steubenville Township.

Rhonda Porter to First National Acceptance Co., part lots 1-2, Pleasant Heights.

Joseph and Phyllis Keenan to Francis Homes LLC, lot 0, Robertson Second.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Rick and Robin Beall, 2.978 acres, Wells-Warren Township; and 1.355 acres, Smithfield Township.

Angela Kayafas (deceased) to Constantine Kayafas and Argie Karvounides, metes, Steubenville Township; part lot 33, Becker Highlands; lots 1-2, JP Drapers Subdivision; part lot 53, Moon Valley Estates; part lot 183, Steubenville; lot 637, Labelleview; part lot 1, John Gray's Subdivision; and lot 13, Pleasant Heights.

Linda Cain (deceased) to Stanley Cain, lot 5, Williamson proposed.

Ernest Ponti (deceased) to Dolores Ponti, 8.51 acres, Smithfield Township.

Keith Hardwick to Joshua Hardwick, lot 489, Labelleview.

Linda Buck and Thomas Buck (deceased) to Paul and Marcie Skaggs, 1.86 acres, Mount Pleasant Township (survivorship).

Alice Walker and others to Alice Walker and others, 15.569 acres, Smithfield Township (survivorship).

Lisa Hall to Joann Staten, 0.239 acre, Smithfield Township.

Foster Fluharty Farms LLC to Charles and Marsha Fluharty, 1.001 acres, Smithfield Township (survivorship).

Beth VanWeelden (deceased) to George VanWeelden, lots 36-37 and part lots 37-38, Sunset Hills; and metes, Cross Creek Township.

Ernest Carducci and Sarah Carducci to Robert Carducci, 0.128 acre, Steubenville Township.

Robert and Lee Carducci to Robert Carducci, 0.128 acre, Steubenville Township.

Russell and Pauletta Sydlowksi to Brian and Bonnie Kempton, lots 5-8, Upland Park First Allotment (survivorship).

Merrell Yocum to Jean Yocum, metes, Salem Township.

Jerry and Linda Brancker to HSGC Mortgage Services Inc., part lot 38, Original Amsterdam; 0.249 acre, Springfield Township.

Brianna Windon Henceroth and Aaron Henceroth to Louis Meintel and Jamie Meintel, 2 acres, Wells-Warren Township (survivorship).

Richard and Brenda Deneen to James and Stephanie Dailey, 5.959 acres, Warren Township; and lot 83, Glen Robbins Lower Allotment.

Carol and Morgan Hallwachs to Brian and Bonnie Kempton, lots 10-12, Upland Park First Allotment (survivorship).

Larry Albaugh (deceased) to Marilyn Albaugh, 0.974 acre, Wells-Warren Township.

William Cermak (deceased) to Marianne Cermak, metes, Smithfield Township.

Marianne Cermak to Daniel Cermak and Kimberly Cermak, metes, Smithfield Township.

Sheriff of Jefferson County to Parkvale Savings Bank, lot 26, Hiddenwood Estates.

Stacie and Franklin Hensley to Todd Cutter, lot 8, Pleasant Heights.

John Wright III to Carlo Agresta, part lot 90, Original Smithfield.

John and Clarice Manning to Mary O'Brien, 0.33 acre, Island Creek Township.

Fredric and Deborah Henceroth to Valentine Moscato Jr., 1.81 acres, Mount Pleasant Township.

Sheriff of Jefferson County to Hancock County Savings Bank, 2.5855 acres, Salem Township.

Wilma Canterbury (deceased) to Kimberly Canterbury, metes, Smithfield Township.

William Canterbury Sr. to Kimberly Canterbury, metes, Smithfield Township.

Samuel and Marianne DiFabbio Jr. to Fe X Real Estate Holdings LLC, 12,000 square feet, Steubenville Township.

Loretta Scott to Glenn Scott, lot 20, Meadowbrook Manor.

RBS Citizens to Spotswood Hunter Green, 0.522 acre, Cross Creek Township.

Linda Burch to Charles and Janet Stewart, metes, Wells Township (survivorship).

Joseph Vargecko (deceased) to Michael Marciniak, lot 7, Brentwood Estates.

Chet and Lacy Oldfield to Jordan Locke, 0.4643 acre, Mount Pleasant Township.

David and Deborah Haught to Jonathan and Carol Johnson, 0.87 acre, Island Creek Township (survivorship).

Gerald Giffin to Robert and Jessica Dean, Wayne Township (survivorship).

Dale and Cynthia Fairclough to Ohio Department of Transportation, 5.965 acres, Wells-Warren Township.

Sheriff of Jefferson to As Promised Assisted Living LLC, outlot 1, JJ Crawford's Addition.

Teann King and Robert Boggs to Teann King, part lot 22 and lots 24 and 26, Luptons Addition.

Athol Stewart (deceased) to Mei Chen, lot 26, Frank Murphy's First.

Barbara Charron to Joseph Hayes, 1.0229 acres, Island Creek Township.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Robert Owen, part lots 4-5, Thomas McFerren Addition.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to William Kirkpatrick and others, 1 acre, Wayne Township (survivorship).

Lisa Kosanovic and others to James Davis, lots 13-15, Simmons & Foster Addition.

The following real estate transactions were filed in Jefferson County:

Marshall Pontia (deceased0 to Alice Pontia, part lot 6, David & AD Gardens; and lot 8, Medilla Second.

Alice Pontia (deceased) to Tony and Carol Trouten, part lot 6, David &AD Gardens (survivorship).

Morgan Wade to Donald Creamer, 0.133 acre, Wells-Warren Township.

Barry and Patricia Krause to Brian Myers, 0.1112 acre, Warren Township.

Wayne Torok (deceased) to Anna Torok and Christine Dolfi, metes, Smithfield Township (survivorship).

Henry Hove (deceased0 to Susan Ailshire, 48.521 acres, Warren Township.

Henry Hove (deceased) to Courtney VanHove and Susan Alshire, metes, Warren Township.

Susan and George Alshire to Courtney Yanok, metes, Warren Township.

Frank Barath (deceased) to Lucy Barath and Joyce Barath, lots 1-3, Walkers Second.

Joseph and Pamela Kosar to Walter and Andrea Vittek, lots 137-138, Walkers Second (survivorship).

Catherine Kakascik to Patricia Solomon, metes, Steubenville Township.

Fannie Mae to 1439 Oregon LLC, lot 33, Buena Vista Heights.

Joseph and Deborah Elias Jr. to Mary's Cradle Ministries Inc., part lot 93, Labelleview.

Donald Karcher to Douglas and Carol Cornish, lot 18, Karen Place (survivorship).

Robert Hosterman (deceased) to State of Ohio, 1.348 acres, Cross Creek Township.

Blanche Slye (deceased) to Dona Howell, metes, Salem Township; metes, Island Creek Township; and 111.9 acres, Cross Creek Township.

Athansios and Stacey Kotsanis to Keith Patrick, lot 318, Labelleview.

Marc and Lorie Santicola to Lorie Santicola, lot 30, Brentwood Estates.

Robert Burskey (deceased) to Mildred Burskey, 0.06 acre, Island Creek Township; and lots 13 and 15, Banfield unrecorded.

John Watson to Amber Watson, lots 34-35, McKee's First; and metes, Steubenville Township.

Michael Connor and others to David Swartz, lot 4, McConnell's Subdivision.

Thomas and Charlene Montgomery to David and Candace Brown Jr., 2.834 acres, Island Creek Township.

Fred and Winona Grimm to Joseph and Sandra Homol, lots 1-4, Logan's Subdivision; and 0.528 acre, Smithfield Township (survivorship).

Lydia Channels (deceased) to Karen Morris and others, part lots 138-139, Saltsman Fifth.

John Douds (deceased) to Pauline Douds, 2.78 acres, Island Creek Township.

Richard Grimm (deceased) to Linda Grimm and others, 0.487 acre and 2.56 acres, Knox Township.

David Grimm to Linda Grimm, metes, Knox Township.

Bruce Grimm to Linda Grimm, metes, Knox Township.

Dale and Carol Grimm to Linda Grimm, metes, Knox Township.

Norman and Julia Grimm to Linda Grimm, metes, Knox Township.

Pauline Hughe to Linda Grimm, metes, Knox Township.

Erma Linn to William Linn and Paula Krechowski, lot 61, Manhattan Subdivision (survivorship).

John Dubis (deceased) to Maura Mappin-Dubas, lots 106-107, Country Club Estates.

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