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Oil, gas leases: Jefferson County

April 22, 2012
The Herald-Star

Recent oil and gas leases filed in Jefferson County include:

Clifford W. Bernard to Chesapeake Exploration, 1.928 acres, Wayne Township.

Giuseppe G. Lancia, trustee, to Chesapeake Exploration, 13.536 acres, Cross Creek Township.

Michelle L. Waugh to Chesapeake Exploration, 1 acre, Island Creek Township.

Charles and Barbara Fischer to Chesapeake Exploration, 1.082 acres, Cross Creek Township.

Brian and Kelli Myers to Chesapeake Exploration, 1.602 acres, Knox Township.

Kenneth D. Bryon and Norma D. West to Chesapeake Exploration, 12.45 acres, 2.529 acres and 4.14 acres, Springfield Township.

David L. and Mary Ann Huff to Chesapeake Exploration, 1.483 acres, Knox Township.

Ronald E. and Patricia A. Williamson to Chesapeake Exploration, 12.1112 acres, 12.051 acres, 32.082 acres and 6.79 acres, Ross and Saline townships.

Alan L. and Lois M, Miller to Chesapeake Exploration, 3.52 acres, 19.02 acres, 40.808 acres, 0.428 acre, 50.118 acres, 27.285 acres and 0.932 acre, Brush Creek Township.

Robert J. and Rebekah A. King III to Hess Ohio Development, 6.0375 acres, Mount Pleasant Township.

Timothy G. and Tamara A. Reynolds to Hess Ohio Development, 1.308 acres, Smithfield Township.

Donald P. and Rhoda C. Thompson to Hess Ohio Development, 1.84 acres, Mount Pleasant Township.

Timothy W. and Sharon L. McGraw to Hess Ohio Development, 5.21 acres, Wayne Township.

Hall's Rentals to Hess Ohio Development, 1.55 acres, Wayne Township.

Jeffrey C. and Hope D. Williams to Hess Ohio Development, 1.67 acres, Wayne Township.

Frank Aleksiejczyk to Hess Ohio Development, 3.07 acres, Cross Creek Township.

Charles and Shirley Ann Kokiko Jr. to Hess Ohio Development, 1.63 acres, Smithfield Township.

Josephine M. Irvine-Groves to Hess Ohio Development, 77.794 acres, Smithfield Township.

Joseph F. Zurek Sr. to Hess Ohio Development, 6.835 acres, Smithfield Township.

James E. and Sharon L. Zurek to Hess Ohio Development, 6.835 acres, Smithfield Township.

Michael P. and Sally B. Cochrane to Hess Ohio Development, 0.997 acre, Mount Pleasant Township.

Manda M. Kliner to Hess Ohio Development, 0.9174 acre, Mount Pleasant Township.

Michael E. and Karen L. Teater to Hess Ohio Development, 0.372 acre, Mount Pleasant Township.

Margaret M. Brown to Hess Ohio Development, 6.8 acres, Smithfield Township.

Leonard A. Corona III to Hess Ohio Development, 4.36 acres, Smithfield Township.

Elmer J. and Beth A. Borsos to Hess Ohio Development, 50.9771 acres, Smithfield Township.

Danie J. and Amanda G. Burlenski to Hess Ohio Development, 1.5 acres, Mount Pleasant Township.

William P. and Joyce A. Pekera to Hess Ohio Development, 0.89 acre, Smithfield Township.

Ronald and Nancy Malin to Hess Ohio Development, 1.63 acres, Smithfield Township.

Jean M. Digman to Hess Ohio Development, 0.703 acre, Smithfield Township.

Joann and George N. Osburn to Hess Ohio Development, 0.632 acre, Wayne Township.

Tyler Lynskey to Hess Ohio Development, 3.628 acres, Wayne Township.

Bruce S. and Sandra K. Teater to Hess Ohio Development, 0.347 acre, Smithfield and Warren townships.

Willard E. Hicks to Hess Ohio Development, 0.443 acre, Mount Pleasant Township.

Richard W. and Jane Ann Harris to Hess Ohio Development, 3.3767 acres, Mount Pleasant Township.

Leonard A. and Rhonda S. Corona Jr. to Hess Ohio Development, 1.0447 acres, Smithfield Township.

Robert C. and Kimberly J. Boyd to Hess Ohio Development, 0.171 acre, Mount Pleasant Township.

Robert V. and Mary F. Phillipson to Hess Ohio Development, 1.573 acres, Wayne Township.

John W. and Donna J. Parkinson to Chesapeake Exploration, 2.77 acres, Cross Creek Township.

Alfred J. and Renee D. Tarr to Chesapeake Exploration, 11.07 acres, Wayne Township.

Taman and Amjad Alkaed to Chesapeake Exploration, 2.22 acres, Cross Creek Township.

Patricia A. Haught to Chesapeake Exploration, 2.9 acres, Wells Township.

Meandering Creek Farms Limited to Chesapeake Exploration, 82.39 acres, Springfield Township.

Vickie D. McCracken to Chesapeake Exploration, 35.48 acres, Warren Township.

Curt A. and Renee M. Virtue to Chesapeake Exploration, 4.09 acres, Cross Creek Township.

Shirley and Gary Ogden to Chesapeake Exploration, 10.21 acres, Wells Township.

Anton and Virginia L. Ros to Chesapeake Exploration, 3.51 acres, Cross Creek Township.

Michael R. and Keri P. Zonkoski to Chesapeake Exploration, 8.948 acres, Smithfield Township.

Scott J. and Theresa L. Trekal to Chesapeake Exploration, 6.09 acres, Wayne Township.

Robert A. and Patricia L. Kimble to Chesapeake Exploration, 1.248 acres, Wells Township.

Darlene Warrick and others to Chesapeake Exploration, 3.087 acres, Wells Township.

Jayson N. and Shelly A. Zatta to Chesapeake Exploration, 14.563 acres, Cross Creek Township.

John R. and Karen S. Rood to Chesapeake Exploration, 1.23 acres, Saline Township.

Douglas P. and Carol S. Cornish to Chesapeake Exploration, 6.163 acres, Salem Township.

Leslie A. Lancia, trustee, to Chesapeake Exploration, 13.536 acres, Cross Creek Township.

GAL LLC to Chesapeake Exploration, 380.95 acres, Steubenville Township.

Huberta Mining Co. to Chesapeake Exploration, 46.821 acres, Cross Creek and Smithfield townships.

Todd M. and Kim R. Talkington to Chesapeake Exploration, 89.174 acres, Springfield Township.

William J. and Marilyn F. Behrens to Chesapeake Exploration, 4.38 acres, Cross Creek Township.

Ylonda L. Cecil and Jeffrey J. Long to Chesapeake Exploration, 51.715 acres, Wells Township.

George T. Kramarich to Chesapeake Exploration, 77.732 acres, Steubenville Township.

Hollywood Center to Chesapeake Exploration, 184.24 acres, Cross Creek and Steubenville townships.

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