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Woman’s Club of Mingo opens season

October 1, 2012
The Herald-Star

President Sharon Cole-Isner presided for the GFWC Woman's Club of Mingo Junction September opening meeting and covered-dish dinner at the Mingo Senior Citizens Center.

Roetta Lewis gave the invocation.

Southeast District President Marjean Sizemore was a guest.

Mary Jane Tiberio introduced guest speaker Rose Slaughter who was accompanied by her sisters, Millicent Slaughter and Roberta Slaughter Jordan and said that as children during the 1950s, they traveled with their parents to the World Baptist Alliance held in Cleveland.

That began their travels attending federated, business and professional women's clubs, sororities and church meetings all over the country and the world. After Rose graduated from college, she became youth president and later youth director of the Ohio Baptist State Convention. Many of her travels, she said, have been connected with these positions, and she highlighted some of those experiences for the club members.

They traveled to England and Scotland in 1988 to attend the World Youth Conference in Glasgow, Scotland, where the theme was "Jesus Christ Rules." They walked along the tower bridge, viewed Buckingham Palace and were photographed with a palace guard. In Scotland, they witnessed a Scottish wedding where the men wore traditional Scottish kilts.

In 1993, they attended the 12th Baptist Youth World Conference in Harare, Zimbabwe, Africa, where the theme was "Risking All For Christ."

"As the rhythms of Africa thundered throughout the conference, the combined voices of the 250 member Baptist International Mass Choir proclaimed, 'We salute you, Lord,'" she said, noting there were 4,000 youth and observers challenged with the theme "Risking All for Christ, Our Only Hope." While there, they visited open-air market places, modern buildings as well as grass huts, went on a safari and saw wild animals.

In 2009, they traveled to the Canadian Rockies and British Columbia and in 2010 attended the 20th Baptist World Congress in Hawaii, where the theme was "Hear the Spirit." Baptists from 105 countries from Africa, Asia/Pacific, the Caribbean, Europe, Latin America and North America were in Honolulu.

Joanne Gorney presented gifts to Sizemore and to Betty Ralston, honorary life member

The club's handbooks for 2012-14 were distributed to members with Cole-Isner also handing out "Just One Thing" diaries to members. Each day members are to mark down one thing that they did for themselves, their community, etc.

A report was given on the Community Days Block Party in which the club had a presence.

Cheri Carpico has begun work on the Halloween parade and party with details to be presented at the next meeting.

Lewis and Clara Sue Milewsky helped with the back-to-school rally at Urban Mission Ministries.

Stephanie Rouse will chair the club's second-annual mystery theater fundraiser as the first one was very successful.

Carol Lotzgeselle, a potential new member, attended.

The Community Service Project, International Outreach Committee was in charge of the meeting. Hostesses were Elizabeth Crothers and Mary Jane Tiberio, co-chairmen, and the refreshment committee was Bernie Carpico and Cheri Carpico. In keeping with the theme, the tables were decorated with items from the United States, the Islands, Italy, Mexico and Japan.

The next meeting will be held Oct. 11. The Community Service Project, Education Committee will be the hostesses with Martha Romanda as chairman. The guest speaker will be Eunice Lincoff, president of Academy of Lifelong Learning.

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