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Trinity honors its longtime employees

October 14, 2012
From staff reports , The Herald-Star

STEUBENVILLE - Trinity Health System held its annual employee service awards program on Sept. 25, honoring employees with an extended length of service. Recognized at the event were 235 employees with at least five years of service at either Trinity Medical Center East or West.

Those with 45 years of service to Trinity are Vivian Ziklo, central registration; Pat West, payroll; Margaret Franklin, nursing; and Marjorie Gaudio, nursing.

Also receiving awards for service were:

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EMPLOYEES HONORED — Trinity Health System held its annual employee service awards program on Sept. 25. Fred Brower, left, Trinity president and CEO, presented some of the awards. Receiving their 45-year awards were, from left, Vivian Ziklo, central registration; Pat West, payroll; Margaret Franklin, nursing; and Marjorie Gaudio, nursing.
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40 years - Judy Hare, human resources; Gary Kijanka, accounting; and Anne Walker, laboratory.

35 years - Ruth Ann Allaway, pediatrics; Jody Authier, radiology; Christine Flowers, PACU; Gwendolyn James, behavioral medicine; and Valerie Santangelo, pharmacy.

30 years - Patricia Albert, PACU; Donna Antigo, 2/3 North; George Barger, maintenance; Katherine Barker, skilled care; Nancy Crites, pharmacy; Lori Damis, fifth floor, Carol Dillon, material services; Cindy Fairclough, case management; Deena Franke, medical staff; Maureen Giandomenico, output center; Martha Hendricks, material services; Rosemary Ivkovich, radiology; Charlene Kessel, human resources; Mary Jean Koos, surgery; Linda Lewis, 2/3 North; Susan Logsdon, medical records; Munang DesiJanji, radiology; Judy Owings, cardiopulmonary rehab; Kathleen Rinaldo, patient accounting; Sharon Savinell, radiology; Mike Tice, maintenance; Lesley Wagner, medical rehab; Michelle Waugh, echocardiogram; and Paige Wilson, CCU.

25 years - Sharon Atkins, nutritional services; Vicki Bateman, radiology; Earl Batton, maintenance; Letitia Bell, family birth; Diana Bodo, GI center; Richard Elliott, construction; Darryl French, laundry; Sister Pauline Herbert, women's health service; Beckie King, laundry; Lisa Marino, workcare; Diana McCarthy, medical rehab; Sandra Mehalik, communications; Sheila Peach, school of nursing; Lala Pendleton, radiology; Geralynn Rine, laboratory; Carole Smay, same day; Larry Teramana, respiratory; Kimberly Thompson, pediatrics; Karen Walker, radiology; and Connie Wood, information systems.

20 years - Kathy Andreozzi, central registration; Angela Blackburn, central registration; George Bozman, materials management; Amy Cercone, risk management; Anita Chuich, home health; Patricia Depillo, radiology; Shirley Fridley, home health; Jeffrey Hawken, laboratory; Russell Hodgkiss, radiology; Kelly Householder, workcare; Cheryl Huggins, radiology; Dean Lucarelli, information systems; James Lucas, ER; Brenda Luther, same day; Martha Mazella, home health; Sheila Mirabella, outpatient center; Joyce Murphy, medical records; Michelle Purviance, information systems; Donna Rawson, 2/3 North; Patricia Reed, ER; Yvonne Rozman, family birth; Linda Sampson, information/reception; Marcie Skaggs, eighth floor; Joyce Spring, laboratory; Joan Stacy, behavioral medicine; and Patti Van Dyke, cardiac diagnostic.

15 years - Jill Amaismeier, pharmacy; Richard Blackburn, material services; Lori Burnett, cardiology holding; Donna Butler, 2/3 North; Denise Callahan, ER; Cheri Carpico, laboratory; Kathryn Case, respiratory; Margaret Cline, housekeeping; Lynn Colflesh, anesthesia; Maria Costlow, 2 telemetry; Anita Dahlem, PACU; Eric Devecchis, physical therapy; Angela Ely, respiratory; Anna Jane Hanuscin, info./reception; Johanna Harbert, 2 telemetry; Tim Huber, OT; Monica Hudson, 2 telemetry; Katherine Jackson, Physical therapy; Keith Jackson, physical therapy; Carole Jester, CCU; Ernest Keller, laundry; Victoria Lamp, housekeeping; Amie Lemasters, patient accounting; Debra Louk, ER; Carrie Mastroianni, sixth floor; Dorothy Medley, sixth floor; Joann Mulrooney, VP nursing; Stephen Nodianos, anesthesia; April Pearce, radiology; Diane Peryea, physical therapy; Susan Priscilla, physical therapy; Elizabeth Robertson, case management; William Rohrey, communication; Debrahann Sachini, images; Rachel Scott, laboratory; Christine Shore, anesthesia; Nichola Tennant, radiology; Debra Trimby, sixth floor; Thomas Tsesmelis, clinical bio; Kelly Valuska, radiation therapy; Jana Weibel, 2/3 North; Jodi Welday, laboratory; TeraWhanger, CCU; and Alana Wood, sixth floor.

10 years - Curtis Adams, housekeeping; Amanda Anderson, medical records; David Baker, security; Gail Bocek, laboratory; Caroline Chetock, central registration; Donna Clutter, CCU; Kelly Crosby, physical therapy; Dee Denbow, CV/ICU; Beth Doan, material services; Trenda Durbin, respiratory; Jennifer Fayak, CV/ICU; Phyllis Fields, EKG; Deborah Fornsaglio, central registration; Tara Hornick, eighth floor; Deborah Horston, material services; Kevin Jackson, CV/ICU; Margaret Jackson, human resources; Sarah Joseph, cardiology holding; Sarah Kell, home health; Nichole Knorr, surgery; Eleanor Kopa, surgery; Sally Laudrille, fifth floor; Jody Marchetta, case management; Deborah Meadows, quality outcome; Melanie Michalos, patient accounting; Lisa Morrow, nutritional services; Camilla Piatt, ER; Carol Pipo, CCU; Lori Poch, heart center; Toni Price, medical records; Elsie Riggs, behavioral medicine; Renae Robertson, CV/ICU; John Robinson, nutritional services; Jessica Smith, radiology; Elizabeth Sutton, sixth floor; Davaina Taggart, radiology; Tracy Tharp, pharmacy; Melissa Thompson, sixth floor; Dean Unzicker, laboratory; Letha Wade, echocardiogram; Debra Wood, sixth floor; Lori Yanik, central registration; Wilbert Yost, anesthesia and MaryBeth Zook, medical records.

Five years - Geneva Baker, EKG; Jennifer Baker, CCU; Michelle Bates, PET CT; April Becker, cardiology holding; Patricia Bell, surgery; Theresa Buchanan, central registration; James Calevro, CCU; Shannon Callarik, medical records; Tamara Carte, eighth floor; Kimberly Chivers, nutritional services; Christopher Cuic, CCU; Diane Digiacinto, fifth floor; Tiffany Fernandez, CV/ICU; Holly Fish, EP lab; Kristen Fisher, nursing education; Michael Foley, CV/ICU; Colleen Gibson, cardiac surgery; Angela Glover, sixth floor; Jennifer Harvey, ER; Jessica Herrick, ER; Kathleen Hoagland, 2 telemetry; Patricia Hudok, quality outcome; Clarissa Huff, surgery; Maria Inomata, CV/ICU; Gary Jackson, radiology; Kathleen Johnston, respiratory; Brian Jones, nutritional services; Ann Lathem, 2/3 North; William Lescallette, eighth floor; Amy Lindsay, ER; Amy Marcino, ER; Jessica McClain, sixth floor; Nancy McGraw, medical rehab; Rose Ann McHugh, housekeeping; Jason Mikesell, cath lab; Susan Miller, cancer center; Jara Moore, Express Care; Stacey Mort, accounting; Kristina Pappas, radiology; Kristina Pegg, eighth floor; Loretta Pruitt, housekeeping; Evalyn Ralston, 2/3 North; Anthony Rasicci, 2 telemetry; Megan Redfern, fifth floor; Diann Reeves, 2/3 North; Deanna Rice, 2 telemetry; Kevin Richey, anesthesia; Shelly Rogers, fifth floor; Bethany Singhaus, 2/3 North; Victoria Snyder, MSO; Kalie Spring, ER; Charity Stewart, CCU; Colleen Swearingen, case management; Alisha Thompson, 2/3 North; Connie Travers, 2/3 North; Sonja Tucker, pediatrics; Robert Tulenko, eighth floor; Jennifer Tyler, 2 telemetry; Danielle Ulam, nutritional services; Ashley Vasconcellos, surgery; Raellyn Waggoner, fifth floor; David Warner, physical therapy; Kimberly Warren, OT; Jerry Williams, maintenance; and Marybeth Wilson, school of nursing.

Receiving 2012 Hospital Hero Awards were Michelle Bates, cancer center; Kelly Valuska, cancer center; Sister Pauline Herbert, women's health services; Susan Miller, cancer center; Susan Logsdon, medical records; Amanda Anderson, medical records; Mary Beth Zook, medical records; Shannon Callarik, medical records; Pat West, payroll; Anna Jane Hanuscin, receptionist; Lori Poch, heart center; Amy Lindsay, ER; Sheila Peach, school of nursing; Karen Walker, radiology; Elizabeth Sutton, sixth floor; Stacy Mort, accounting; and Jara Moore, Express Care.

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