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Obama faces obstruction

October 28, 2012
The Herald-Star

To the editor:

I am still waiting for Reagan's trickle down money. George Bush even called it voodoo economics. And now another Republican candidate is attempting to hoodwink the middle-class American people into paying for his golden tax breaks for the rich. I am certain that the smart American voters will not be tricked this time.

The choice is clear: the millionaires verses the middle class. Class warfare, you bet.

Obamacare provides a mechanism for everyone to be covered with medical insurance - patients, doctors and hospitals all benefit. In America, everyone deserves good health care. GOP nominee Mitt Romney wants to replace Medicare with a voucher system costing seniors an additional annual $6,000 paid to his cronies in the insurance industry. In the pre-Medicare days my grandfather, a successful and healthy businessman, had his health insurance canceled by the insurance company simply because he turned age 60. The Democrats and President Lyndon Johnson passed Medicare ... he lived to be 93.

Republicans are simply motivated by profit. Profit is good, if it is used to grow additional business and jobs. Today, however profit bubbles up to the excessive salaries, golden parachutes and beyond generous bonuses paid to the officers and CEOs who save corporate money by closing steel mills and factories and shipping jobs to third world countries all on the back of the American middle class worker.

Please remember how this administration got to where it is today. It was left with the debt of the wars that George Bush waged. We had a national surplus and business thrived under his predecessor, President Bill Clinton. The current issue of Forbes Magazine shows that business actually does better under Democratic administrations. As President Barack Obama tried to turn the country around (bin Ladin is dead and his terrorist organization is being destroyed, one war is over and we are on our way out of another and the American auto industry and good jobs in it are back), he was forced to deal with the contemporary "do nothings" and "tea baggers" who have no idea how to govern or even realize that there is a real cost to governance. Obstructionism is the plan and not governing this country as they were elected to do. Please continue to support candidates who support the president and you and me.

To my dear friends who are pro-life voters, your support of conservative candidates in the past has done nothing to protect the lives of unborn children and has caused poor families, children and the elderly to suffer. Single-issue voting is dangerous to a democracy. Republican candidates pander to our sincere concern for the unborn but have not delivered on their promises. Romney is already backpedalling on this issue to attract moderate women voters. To be truly pro-life, as the late Cardinal Joseph Bernadin taught, is to be concerned about the quality of all life from cradle to grave, and Romney does not get it. His statement about not caring about the 47 percent of the people said it all.

Michael S. Davis


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