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Considerations before you vote

October 28, 2012
The Herald-Star

To the editor:

In 2008, change was the buzzword, but the change we got from our current president and staff is a disaster. We are going in the wrong direction. The economy, unemployment and the national debt of $16 trillion and counting is not acceptable.

Our freedoms that our forefathers achieved are being eroded.

Our faith and values are endangered, especially the freedom of religion. That being said, and with the presidential and congressional elections nearing,we should not make choices based on party affiliation only, but what is right for the country and the common good.

According to the United States Council of Catholic Bishops, faithful voting in an election is to use your properly informed conscience, which is based on faith, truth and morality revealed by God, rather than an uninformed do-as-I-feel conscience when voting. There are intrinsic evils such as abortion, euthanasia, same-sex marriage and others, which can never be justified. Keep in mind that abortion is the killing of a baby who is a person with a soul at conception, which is a fact. This new person is entitled to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as spelled out in our Declaration of Independence.

We need to get back to the culture of life, not death. Voting for a candidate who supports these evils is a serious sin.

It would be prudent to determine how the candidates stand on these issues. After the debates and the ads, it is clear to me that the president and vice president are pro-choice by their own admission, and their challengers are pro-life.

All people of faith, Catholics and Christians of all denominations, should listen to God speaking to their hearts through an informed conscience and vote for the candidates who support Christian values.

Make your choice with prayerful discernment, respecting life from conception to natural death. Vote to please God and ask him to bless our nation in these troubled times.

Jerry Solomon


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