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Area doesn’t care about children

November 11, 2012
The Herald-Star

To the editor:

What a shame - the voters of Jefferson County have slammed the door on a great opportunity for our youth. Everyone knows the state funding for our local schools has been drastically reduced, yet school levies were soundly defeated Tuesday. If we do not support our local schools, where are the students going to go? A single, Jefferson County consolidated school? Then we will hear the whining and complaining about how far the students have to travel.

Today's uncertain financial times are an often used excuse to not support our schools. However uncertain the financial times may be, one thing is absolutely certain - this area's children deserve the best education we can supply. As far as undue hardships ... give me a break. People cry about facing undue hardships using their high-speed Internet connection or their smart phone while surfing through the 150-plus channels on their TV.

Be glad you had a safe and modern school to go to, but remember the school that was modern for you is severely outdated now and many are still in use.

What a shame the voters of this county are so apathetic. No wonder the kids are leaving the area as fast as they can. It's become pretty obvious not enough people are concerned about them.

Alex Gryskevich IV


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