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Friend comes through

November 24, 2012
The Herald-Star

To the editor:

In a world where few people care about their friends or neighbors, I have known a woman in Piney Fork who has given and donated to the people she knows repeatedly.

Recently, I became a widow, and the loss was devastating, as I was also losing my home, along with a dear friend who lost her husband a few weeks after I lost mine.

In fact, we would both be on the street and members of the homeless. Who would care in the world of today? Who would we call for help?

Then, we thought of a friend, Cricket Hauber, a lifetime kind of a friend who has helped a lot of people make it through tough times.

There was one phone call - a happy voice on the other side with a "good morning" response, and we had a home again. We could both start our lives over. We could learn to survive the way she did all of these years.

A patient and caring person is just what we both needed, and that is exactly what we found.

In surprise to her, I want to give her my sincere thank you from me and all the other friends she has helped.

Because of Carol, we have a home, a new life and a beautiful town in a country setting to live in.

We will learn how to stack wood for the winter, how to garden in the spring and summer and how to can and freeze foods in the autumn.

We will learn so many things from her rural sort of life that we have never done before.

Thank you, our friend, for all of these years of loving people with such a big heart.

Sandy Rigby

Piney Fork

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