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President offers no answers

December 23, 2012
The Herald-Star

To the editor:

I just figured out why our president has not spoken out and told us the truth about the Benghazi affair - he could not find a way to blame it on George W. Bush.

Let's start at the beginning. The Libyan insurgents were causing trouble in certain parts of the country. The British government closed its consolate in Benghazi and the Red Cross moved out sometime last summer because of the danger. Our ambassador and others asked for more protection and were denied. We can't find out who denied them. Then the insurgents blew out a huge hole in the consolate wall. Still, we didn't see the urgency for more protection.

The consolate came under attack. Two of our ex-Navy SEALS came to help, but they were too late. The enemy had already gotten the ambassador. The ex-SEALS took cover on the roof. They used their laser beams to spot enemy mortars for their back-up help. No one came. The insurgents followed the beams to locate where the men were and make a direct hit on their position. The SEALS knew they were giving away their position by using the lasers, but they thought they had help. Why wasn't there any help? Four Americans are dead and we can't find out what happened.

Our president said, "We anticipated a few bumps in the road." Wow - why can't we get answers to this total foul up? The administration says it is being politicized. No - the administration needs to answer a lot of questions instead of blaming a video about Islam. It has been three months since this happened and they keep stonewalling the investigation.

This is supposed to be the transparent administration. It tells us nothing but lies. I wonder when the movie will come out on this - oh no, I forgot - it's classified.

What are we to do, as Americans, about the things that are going on in this administration? The mishandling of Hurricane Sandy was terrible. The fast and furious gun running has been covered up with no answers. The union-leading National Labor Relations Board is out of control, and so is the Environmental Protection Agency. We continue to lose millions on bad energy policies. Why have we hired about 50,000 new federal workers since Barack Obama has been in office? Our president has continued to divide our country between rich and poor, as well as along racial lines.

Don't divide us, Mr. President. Bring us together so that we may work together for the good of all Americans.

Floyd Hunter


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