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What’s on your list for Santa Claus?

December 23, 2012
By LESLIE LETUSICK - Copy editor ( , The Herald-Star

Every year my family asks me what I want for Christmas. And for the past few years, I have been asking that same question of my son.

This year I thought I would extend that question to family, friends and readers. I hope you enjoy their responses as much as I have.

Dear Santa,

This year no one but God himself can get me what I am asking for: a healthy, happy baby and health and happiness for my son. So, Santa, you're off the hook with me this year. Unless, you can find an extra Keurig in your magic bag. Or perhaps, a name for our baby.

Little Man: Batman's Bat Cave and a remote control helicopter

Kim Biondi, Adena: I would just like to say that no matter what gifts are under the tree for me this year, I have been given the best gift of all - my health. This year could have turned out so differently for me, but I have been truly blessed. No material gifts can compare to that. And a Kindle.

Leslie Powell, Harrisville: A sweeper and to take all the kids to a waterpark

Lesley Applegarth, New Athens: A maid

Cheryl Engas, Tampa, Fla.: I want one thing, and it's for me and my grandsons to have my daughter, their mom, home for the holidays, even though we know that can't happen. That's what we want so much. Please, Santa, can you make that happen?

Sherry Wallin: I have all I could want for Christmas. I have my children, my wonderful finace (wish we were married already) and my family. Christmas this year can't get any better than that. Happy holidays, everyone.

Amanda Meeker, Wheeling: Shaye would like Barbie Cruise Ship, and she wants trucks for her little brother Chase.

Mandi Stevens: To tell the truth I would love to see my grandma Joyce Cole, my brother-in-law James Hayes, my step-daughter Elizabeth Stevens, my father-in-law Mike Stevens, my Pap and my sister-in-law Lydia Hayes, but God took them from us at a very young age. I would love to see who my step-daughter looks like. We love and miss you. Please keep our family in your prayers with the holidays coming up.

Petera Robinson, Weirton: T-mobile Galaxy note

Emily Beck, Rayland: Same thing I ask for every year, and that is for my children and family to have a wonderful Christmas. There is nothing better than family.

Mary Clark, Steubenville: I would like for my children and my two grandbaby girls to have a wonderful first Christmas with their mommys and daddys. For me, I would love to see my Momma and Daddy once again, but God has them with him. It would be nice if they could see and hold their two great-granddaughters. But I know that can't happen, so I'll ask for something and dedicate it in their memory, and that is for all our men and women in the military to be able to come home and be with their loved ones. Thank you and God bless.

Cindy Garan-Tirpak, Crescent: A maid with a Dumpster

Kimberly Bonecutter, Steubenville: My little girl, Alyssa, has been through a lot medically, and the only thing she asked for this year is one of those big dollhouses and some dolls with it to play with her twin sister and little brother.

Gordon Koegler, Wheeling: My 4-year-old grandson told me I need a power scooter because I am old.

Helen Freeman, Steubenville: I am asking for an iPhone 5. I would also like a more dependable vehicle, for either my current vehicle to be restored, or for me to get a new one all together

Dianna Noble, Steubenville: My daughter wants a Kindle Fire and a cell phone, and my son wants a cell phone and a game system.

Laura Jeter, Weirton: My wish for Santa is that the residents at Woodland Hills (where I work) have the best Christmas they've ever had.

Nikki Gillison, Steubenville: I am asking for twin beds and box springs for my two boys.

Christopher DiAgosta, East Liverpool: Asking Santa, God, whoever, for a home to celebrate Christmas in.

Paul Giannamore, Toronto: I have one actual wish, on the sappy side. I want a nice day with my daughter, son-in-law and granddaughter, my son, his fiancee, my wife and my brother. Beyond reality, though, there's the intermediate wish: I want my brother not to have to fly through a snowstorm at Chicago O'Hare and be stuck wearing my clothes for a week at Christmas because the airline lost his luggage. And, to be purely materialistic, a black Chrysler 300 SRT-8 would be good for all the times I want to be a bad boy, eh, Santa?

Robert Gillison, Steubenville: I want a chiuawawa.

Howard Scivinsky, Brilliant: Being an old guy, Santa has brought me pretty much everything I need or deserve over the years. However, another new guitar would be nice, and of course, an amplifier to go with it would be great, or maybe some guitar strings, picks, a new microphone, how about a new guitar strap, one of those really cool ones with a skull on it, OK scratch the skull. I think Santa will bring me what I what the most: my girls, their husbands and children at home again with all the noise, Christmas paper to pick up, good food, laughter and nothing but a beautiful time with family celebrating the birth of Jesus.

Paulette Coss, Rayland: My only wish would be to have one day with the ones in our family who have passed. Just to hold them and tell them how much I love them and miss them.

Darlene Mullins, Steubenville: There are many things I could ask for, but I have two children with families that are out of work this Christmas. There are six children involved also, all who believe in you, Santa. I'm asking you for prayers that these children have something to open under the tree Christmas morning. Thank you, Santa!

Tina Heaton, Mingo Junction: All I want for Christmas is for my grandchild to be born healthy.

Patricia Harris, Wintersville: My daughter would like a bike, and my son would like Xbox games.

Cathy Berryman, Columbus: All I want for Christmas is for all of my family to be healthy and happy.

Michelle Kirkbride, Mingo Junction: There are a few things I want for Christmas: one, my baby boy to be born healthy; two, I would love to have my mom and sister back (they passed away two years ago and I only got one Christmas); three, a new phone.

Sarah Angel, Tiltonsville: I would like to have my grandma back for Christmas. She passed away six weeks ago, and my family is lost without her. She was such a BIG part of our everyday lives that some days we don't know what to do without her. The holidays will never be the same, and I would just like to skip over them. We are lost, and all I want for Christmas is my grandma back.

Linda Bowden, Toronto: I would love to have world peace and to bring our men and woman home to their families and no more fighting. Also we have been dreaming of owning our own home one day. And I wish nothing but the best for the people who were in Sandy. May they get what they need to help them rebuild their lives, and God bless all the children of the world. God bless each and everyone.

Lisa Evans, Wintersville: I would like an iPhone 5.

Donna Wilkins, Toronto: I would love for you to package up four bottles for each of my family members and my fiance: a bottle filled with an "abundance of joy;" a bottle of "total peace;" a bottle of "pure happiness" and a bottle of "unconditional love." Please make them refillable so they never run out. Thank you, Santa. (Milk and cookies will be waiting on the table for you)

Toni Streeter, Weirton: My daughter wants a Tinkerbell doll. My son Dante wants a car, and Ms. Isabella wants princess stuff. And this mama wants "Black Ops 2."

Nikki Miser, Steubenville: My friend and I met at the mission. She has a 3-year-old. I would like for her to have a great Christmas. For my two children they would like their bikes to be fixed. They are a 9-year-old girl and 11-year-old boy. She'd like lip gloss, makeup and barbie dolls. He would like WWE toys.

Shawn Moyers, Steubenville: I'd like to have all my kids together for Christmas. It would be the most spectacular gift I could have for the holidays. Other than that I would wish good health and fortune on those who need it, and a warm place and meal for our homeless who have none of our "normally" desired things.

Hillarie Ruckman: I really would love to have my doggie feeling better.

Shirley Wine, Prospect, Ohio: Please help all the hungry children - may they never have to go without something to eat or ever feeling rejected.

Veronica Phillips, Steubenville: For Christmas I wish there were more activities for disabled children. I have a 10-year-old in a wheelchair. Also, my children would like to see their grandma who is in Florida.

I hope everyone finds just what they want under the tree this Christmas.

From my family to yours, Merry Christmas.

(Letusick, a resident of Rayland, is a copy editor for the Herald-Star and The Weirton Daily Times.)

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