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What about we the people?

March 10, 2013
The Herald-Star

To the editor:

I am a citizen of the United States since the day of my birth, but also an older American who is way beyond acceptance of the political drama of our country's leaders.

We the people elect those who are to represent us as a nation of hard-working, dedicated and intelligent human beings.

We spend most of our lives working 10- to 12-hour days, contributing toward a retirement program, Medicare and paying taxes at every turn. We try to live a comfortable life and save for the future.

We have always depended on our leaders to do the best they could, but also on a God of mercy and compassion.

Now we must worry about pay cuts, transportation problems, businesses closing and prices going up.

The faithful have been condemned for their beliefs and judged as fanatics or religious freaks. There are laws forced on us that we heartfully object to.

God and the Bible are removed from thought and replaced by killing and acts of inhumanity.

Morality is obsolete, a child's life irrelevant and a person of age not essential.

Do we all weep in great sorrow when innocent children are gunned down, but have a double standard when an unborn child is dismembered by neanderthal procedures?

What were the intentions of our Forefathers when they wrote the Constitution? Did they think that after hundreds of years it would change to meet the needs of a confused society?

What have decades of armed serviceman fought for? Will our brave veterans be forgotten? Will the men and women who fight for our freedom still be honored for their many sacrifices? Do they deserve pay cuts and lack of medical support. Will their families suffer, as they wait for food or proper housing?

Why did "One nation under God" seem to be replaced by political agendas and a disbelief in a true savior?

Gun control has become an issue for lawful citizens, while felons can find weapons in a back alley or abandoned basement. We will be unarmed to protect ourselves and our families.

Are we moving forward, or do we regress in thought, word and deed?

What happens when we take freedom, faith, family and friends out of the equation of a nation?

We have aborted the sanctity of life, the dignity of family values, the freedom of protection and the importance of all Americans.

Will we all be manhandled into a field like a herd of sheep and left to fend for ourselves?

Our flag still waves, our Constitution still exists and the Bible is still the greatest book of wisdom. What is removed when all of this is taken for granted? Is it we the people?

Carol Hauber

Piney Fork

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