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Real estate transfers

April 28, 2013
The Herald-Star

The following real estate transactions were filed in Jefferson County:

James Saunders (deceased) to Catherine Saunders, metes, Salem Township.

Keith Hardwick to Robert and Beate Doyle, lot 484, Labelleview.

Knights of Pythius Lodge 369 to John and Donetta Campbell, 0.4 acre, Wayne Township.

Albert Cesare (deceased) to Tammy Kinder and Tonya Shaffer, lots 3-4, Deyarmon's First.

Tammy Kinder and others to Tonya and Michael Shaffer, lots 3-4, Deyarmon's First.

Jeremy Ward to Guy and Carol Nestor, metes, Wells-Warren Township.

Raymond Sheets Sr. to Raymond Sheets Jr., 6 acres, Brush Creek Township.

Raymond Sheets Sr. to Shellie Waggoner, lots 8-9, Wilkinson & Steweart.

Angel Buckel to Ronald May, 1 acre, Salem Township.

Fannie Mae to Scott and Michelle Rowan, part lot 71, Original Bergholz.

Randy Hockenberry (deceased) to Stephen Hockenberry and others, lot 4, Dawson & Thomas; and metes, Wells-Warren Township.

Stephen Hockenberry and others to Stephen and Patricia Hockenberry, lot 4, Dawson & Thomas (survivorship).

Dorothy Sizemore (deceased) to Joyce James and others, part lots 16-17, Henrietta Mears Addition; and part outlot 16, Original Steubenville.

Sean and Krista McKeegan to F. Dean Connors and Katrina Bell, 0.201 acre, Warren Township.

US Bank to Kenneth Farimond, part lot 3, Hannah Ollom's First.

Margaret Amico (deceased) to Joanna Berry and Judith Gaida, part lot 100, Labelleview.

Josephine Berry and others to Francis and Jamie Rodriguez, part lot 100, Labelleview (survivorship).

Michael Gualtiere Jr. (deceased) to Nabora Agresta, lots 310-313, Manhattan.

PNC Mortgage to Housing & Urban Development, 5.15 acres, Island Creek Township.

Anthony Cicone Jr. (deceased) to Roberta Cicone-McAfee, lot 256, Dixon Heights No. 2.

William and Louise Frontz to Thomas and Desirae Deaton, lots 13-15, Wheeling & Lake Erie Coal (survivorship).

Ridgetop Capital II LP to Ronald Pockel, metes, Warren Township.

Chieko Bell (deceased) to Thomas Bell Jr., metes, Warren Township.

Illa and Raymond Covington to Yorkville Investments LLC, lot 56, Watson & Thomasson's Fifth.

Virginia Soteriou (deceased) to Tony Poch, 0.512 acre, Warren Township.

Charles and Sandra Bolner to Dennis and Connie Hoobler, metes, Island Creek Township (survivorship).

Jeffrey and Rebekah Aulet to Flooding Enterprises LLC, lot 76, Buena Vista Heights.

Franklin Pool Jr. to Franklin and Mary Pool, metes, Cross Creek Township (survivorship).

Home America to Robert Owen, lot 8, Banfield Improvement.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Robert Owen, lots 11-12, William Myers Second.

Michele Tucker (deceased) to Stephen Tucker, lots 4-7, Allen Rogers First.

Divian and Melissa Zink to Wendee Zadanski, lot 9, McConnell.

Sheriff of Jefferson County to Hancock County Savings Bank, 2.504 acres, Wayne Township.

Sheriff of Jefferson County to Bank of New York Mellon, lot 139, Original Irondale.

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