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Jefferson County Fair results

Poultry show

August 23, 2013
From staff reports , The Herald-Star

SMITHFIELD - Results of the Jefferson County Junior Fair poultry show are:

- Fancy, Asiatic - Emily Lamantia, Country Classics, first; Casey Kuester, 43 Ramblers, second; Erin Hartzell, Bits and Pieces, third; Allison Lamantia, Country Classics, fourth; Timothy Lamantia, Country Classics, fifth.

English - Kuester, first and second

Mediterranean - Emily Lamantia, first.

Continental - Ethan Waggoner, Purple Circle, first and second.

Fancy grand champion - Kuester; and reserve Waggoner.

Layer, American - Kuester, first; Cameron Best, Country Kids, second, third and fifth; Emily Lamantia, fourth.

Asiatic - Kuester, first and second; Waggoner, third.

English - Kuester, first; Emily Lamantia, second; Best, third; Waggoner, fourth; Allison Lamantia, fifth.

Grand champion and reserve chicken layer - Kuester.

Pen of three meat chickens Kaylee Moran, Lucky Leaf, first and grand champion; Ramsay Core, Country Kids, second, fourth and reserve champion; Michael Watkins, American Outbackers, third and fifth; and Bethanie Bube, Bits and Pieces, sixth.

Ducks, fancy - Mary McConnell, 43 Ramblers, first and grand champion fancy duck.

Layer - Mary McConnell, first and grand champion layer duck.

Pen of two meat ducks - Robert Coppa III, Lucky Leaf, first, third and grand champion; Sydney Karas, Lucky Leaf, second, fourth and reserve champion; Chessa Cunningham, Purple Circle, fifth; Mary McConnell, sixth; and Hannah Hoover, Steubenville Spirits, seventh and eighth.

Turkey, fancy - Anthony Molinaro, Country Classics, first, sixth and grand champion; Allison Lamantia, second and reserve; Nicolas Molinaro, Country Classics, third and fourth; Paul Molinaro, Country Classics, fifth and seventh.

Pen of one meat turkey - Nicolas Molinaro, first and grand champion; Allison Lamantia, second and reserve champion; Madeline Doyle, Country Kids, third and sixth; Allison Lamantia, fourth; Lilyan Bungard, Boots and Britches, fifth and seventh; Haley Moodie, Boots and Britches, eighth; Tonya Moodie, Boots and Britches, ninth; Allie Blake, Boots and Britches, 10; Paul Molinaro 11 and 15; Anthony Molinaro, 13 and 14; Jonathan Vance, Ridge Hoppers, 16 and 17.

Showmanship, junior - Mary McConnell, first; Cameron Best, second; Kristy Jasper, third; Ethan Waggoner, fourth; and Emily Fox, fifth.

Intermediate - Allison Lamantia, first; Nick Molinaro, second; Anthony Molinaro, third; Maddie Doyle, fourth; and Hannah Hoover, fifth.

Senior - Paul Molinaro, first; Emily Lamantia, second; Bethanie Bube, third; Michael Watkins, fourth; and Jonathan Vance, fifth.

Supreme - Ramsey Core, first; Erin Hartzell, second; Paul Molinaro, third; Casey Kuester, fourth; and Allison Lamantia, fifth.

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