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Real estate transfers

December 8, 2013
The Herald-Star

The following real estate transactions were filed in Jefferson County:

Gregory and Susan Hanchin to Harold Main, part outlot 36, Wilson & Helmick Addition.

Anna DeMarco (deceased) to Freda DeMarco, metes, Springfield Township.

Dennis and Michelle Willoughby to Beneficial Financial Inc., lot 6, Maplewood Estates No. 1.

James Banal and others to Jeremy Banal, lot 14, Original Dillonvale.

Jeremy Banal to Kevin Stingle, lot 14, Original Dillonvale.

Barbara Tolley to Larry Stovarsky, lot O, George Myers.

Judith and Timothy Glenn to Larry Stovarsky, lot O, George Myers.

Mary Robertson to James Behnke, lot 16, Brentwood Estates.

Lillian Visnic to Ronald and Stacey Kaine, lot 19, John Spahn's Third (survivorship).

Karen and Willard Wolfe to Brian Dolfi, 0.042 acre, Warren Township.

Lonie Cronin (deceased) to Jean Cronin, 1.01 acres, Ross Township.

Charles and Frances Argentine to Robert and Sarah Merritt, 0.912 acre, Island Creek Township (survivorship).

David Molesky and others to Cora Donohue, lot 24, McConnell's.

David Ludewig to Drew Karas, part lot 41, Original Brilliant.

Fannie Mae to Daniel Bove Jr. and Joshua Kerr, 1.3663 acres, Cross Creek Township.

Eloise Sullivan to Lisa Ferguson, 0.161 acre, Cross Creek Township.

Brandon and Christine Tipton to John and Trena Keyoski Jr., metes, Cross Creek Township; and part outlots 1-2, Daton Addition.

Aldo Isadore (deceased) to Aldo R. Isadore and others, 12,500 square feet, Steubenville Township.

Housing & Urban Development to GMAC Mortgage, part lot 192, Pleasant Heights.

Dan Diamond to Lisa and Hugh Lasater III, part lot 2, Carr's New Addition (survivorship).

Marcie and Margaret Lollini to Tyrone and Patricia Lollini, lot 99, Norman Addition (survivorship).

George Knight and others to George and Sally Knight, lots 26-27, Original York (survivorship).

Zelia Banal (deceased) to Michael Banal, 1.439 acres, Wayne Township.

3ELZ Corp. to Jeffrey and Kimberly Criss, lot 184, Original Steubenville (survivorship).

Pamela Thomas to Steven Thomas, lots 146-147, Beverly Hills.

Sheriff of Jefferson County to Shawn Granatir, 1 acre, Island Creek Township.

Sheriff of Jefferson County to Richard and Jane Hummienny, 8.234 acres, Knox Township (survivorship).

Carol Martin to Jefferson Landmark Inc., 1.7263 acres, Wayne Township.

Anthony DeCaria and others to DeCaria Brothers Rentals LLC, metes, Cross Creek Township; metes, Island Creek Township; and lots 37-38, West Park Subdivision.

Cleo Rowe to Todd Zimish, lot 8, Pleasant Heights.

Leonard and Victoria Francois to Elwood and Wendy Baker, lot 59, Original Richmond.

Natalie Harris (deceased) to William Harris, metes, Ross Township; 81.15 acres, Salem Township; and metes, Steubenville Township.

Christina and Hector Herrera to Martin Gomez, lot 19, Adam Peeler's Second.

Sheriff of Jefferson County to Bank of New York Mellon, lot 61, John Spahn's Third.

Sheriff of Jefferson County to Wells Fargo Bank, lot 70, Steubenville Pottery First.

Sheriff of Jefferson County to US Bank, lot 52, St. John Heights.

Sheriff of Jefferson County to Matrix Financial Services Corp., lot 1, Lincoln Terrace.

Sheriff of Jefferson County to Federal National Mortgage Association, lot 37, Eva Marie Estates.

Sheriff of Jefferson County to Bank of America, lots 73 and 75, Original Mount Pleasant.

Sheriff of Jefferson County to PNC Mortgage, lot 18, Green's Second.

Sheriff of Jefferson County to PNC Mortgage, lot 96, Original Irondale.

Neal Kernen to Franklin Bonar, metes, Steubenville Township.

Vivian Adams Trust to Thomas McDanniels, 0.883 acre, Salem Township.

Darlene Roe to Debra and Mark Roe, 0.1324 acre, Wells Township (survivorship).

Judith and Gerald Barilla to Richard Blackburn, part lot 39 and lot 40, John Spahn's First.

Ricki and Howard Fulton to Ricki Fulton, 5.1153 acres, Wayne Township.

Betty Ramsey (deceased) to John Ramsey Jr. and others, 207.5 acres, Salem Township.

Dawn Zullo to William and Michelle Schaefer, lots 626 and 93-94, Labelleview; lot 3, Richard & Welday's First; and lot 16, Brady Estates No. 1.

Dienna and Fred Mertz to Derek Ferguson, lot 19, Crestview Manor Second.

David and Candace Huber to Derek Ferguson, lot 19, Crestview Manor Second.

Darlene Huber to Derek Ferguson, lot 19, Crestview Manor Second.

Daniel Huber to Derek Ferguson, lot 19, Crestview Manor Second.

Delores Richey (deceased) to M. Jean Patchen and Domenic Fato, lot 62, Alexander Manor.

David and Deborah Viltro to Nicholas and Beth Bressler, 0.22 acre, Island Creek Township (survivorship).

Peter Sergakis (deceased) to Gloria Sergakis, 0.719 acre, Island Creek Township.

Sheriff of Jefferson County to Federal National Mortgage Association, 1.05 acres, Brush Creek Township.

Brent Panepucci to Catherine Macalister and Margaret Mihelarakis, lot 133, Highland City vacated (survivorship).

Thomas and Laurie Dillon to Kevin and Sandra Grimes, metes, Cross Creek Township (survivorship).

Conrad and Cynthia Dobson to John and Emal Westling, lot 46, Beechwood (survivorship).

Ronald and Erin Delatore to Scott and Jamie Wolfe, 0.4902 acre, Smithfield Township (survivorship).

John and Jodi Hatcher III to William Forster Jr., 1.8259 acres, Salem Township.

Edward and Randi Franke to Eric and Valerie Wallace, lot 65, Stuart Manor (survivorship).

Martha Wallace and others to Charlene Isleman, lot 2, Vollmer's Addition.

John Karas and others to Kathleen Flippo, lot 20 and part lot 21, Eastview.

Beverly Pitts to Shortcreek Sportsmans Club, 21.02 acres, Smithfield Township.

Joy Lapoczka to Richard Fisher and Rosemary Fisher, 1.003 acres, Wells-Warren Township (survivorship).

Deborah Roth to Cordelia Russell, 2.0698 acres, Island Creek Township.

Betty DAmico to William and Jodi Welsh, lot 9, Banfield Improvement (survivorship).

CitiMortgage Inc. to Housing & Urban Development, 0.281 acre, Mount Pleasant Township.

Josephine Pekich (deceased) to Barbara Pekich, lot 4, Sunrise Terrace Addition No. 2.

Dorothy and Ernest Tretow to Dorothy Tretow, part lots 8-9, Longview Park.

Richard Howell (deceased) to Virginia Howell, lot 4, James Parr Second.

Resource Solutions LLC to Elisha and Andrew Plesich, lot 91, Country Club Hills.

Clifford Allan (deceased) to Mary Allan, metes, Cross Creek Township.

Rita Ebright to Christopher Ebright, metes, Smithfield Township.

Fannie Mae to Joshua Bumgardner, lot 219, Silver Stream Knolls No. 2.

Mariann Pata to Joseph Bressler, 13.558 acres, Island Creek Township.

Augustine Homes Ltd. to Joseph and Caroline Savinell, lot 25, Lincoln Heights.

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